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Hatrick’s House currently has 12 large pens with individual inside and outside areas opening to a large exercise pen with 8’ chain link fence with concrete under curbing to prevent escapes.

We also have 6 smaller pens. These pens are totally enclosed and at a separate end of the kennel building. Many of our small breed dogs or easily excited ones enjoy the more peaceful environment.

All dogs enjoy KurundaTM pet cots with cushy covers.



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The dogs are exercised in a variety of ways many times a day.  Sometimes we go on walks down by the river if the dogs are well leash trained.  We use various toys and equipment to promote regular exercise in the large pen and offer lots of group play opportunities where appropriate.

We are extremely diligent to ensure that dogs are fed on the appropriate feeding schedules provided by the owners and any concerns with feeding or digestion are noted and reported to the owner.  We always ensure that the dogs have an ample supply of fresh water both in their individual pens and in the play area.



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