Hatrick's House is located on an acreage 2 km east of Prince Albert directly off of Highway 302E. It is the perfect blend of close to the city convenience and country living. Our driveway and front property are adjacent to the highway but quickly transition to a hilly, private riverfront property.

The acreage is 15 acres total with the majority of the space secluded along the North Saskatchewan River. This allows our pet guests the opportunity to enjoy our four season walking trails with spectacular, colourful views. It is a peaceful, breath of fresh air to quietly watch the deer grazing in our hay field or listen to the river and watch the birds out on the island.

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We also have a number of fenced areas on the property giving the pets the opportunity to have a safe, change of scenery from the kennels. These areas provide extra shade on those hot summer days, plus, they are close to our family as we go about our day!





Hatrick’s House is expanding in 2018!

We are building a 20’ x 40’ addition which will offer new family rooms for pets from one family to share accommodations with individual outside exercise pens. We will also be adding on-site laundry and pet washing facilities along with an office.

Our addition will provide our staff with the necessities and space to maximize the time spent at the kennel building and with our guests. We will even include a small living area with couches, TV and kitchenette so that pet guests can be getting a little extra individual attention in a home environment.

We are very excited and will keep you posted on construction progress.


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Hatrick is our purebred labradoodle family pet and is the obvious namesake of our business. You will quite often see Hatrick in the kennel keeping an eye on things and welcoming new guests. If group playtime is appropriate for your pet they quite often start out with Hatrick.

He’s very playful and likes a variety of breeds and energy levels. 
When you are headed on vacation book your pets in for a sleepover at Hatrick’s House! He’ll make them all feel welcome and loves new playmates.